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We are committed to promoting individual and organizational mentoring excellence. As a division of Leadership Development Services, we have vast experience accomplishing and providing mentoring training, coaching, consultation and program evaluation. We’ve helped leading organizations around the globe create mentoring cultures — and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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Your Mentoring Year Tip #7: Asking for Feedback

Imagine this scenario: You are hidden in the cubicle next to your supervisor when a colleague drops by to ask her about your performance and contribution to her team. In your dream scenario, your supervisor raves about your work ethic, your analytic skills, your...

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Your Mentoring Year Tip #6: Setting SMART Goals

Last month, we offered some tips about how to set starter goals. As we noted then, the key to exploring starter goals is to get to the heart of the learning need and create specificity around your desired outcome. This month, let’s discuss how to turn starter goals...

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Your Mentoring Year Tip #5: Setting Starter Goals

The goal-setting conversation is an iterative process that usually begins with “starter goals.” Starter goals are broad, general goals a mentee first presents to their mentor. Typical starter goals may include managing office politics, working on work/life balance,...

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